EZcode to Become Open Standard

Scanbuy has announced that it will make the specifications for the EZcode 2d barcode available to the public. They will publish the specifications for EZcode encoding and decoding as an open standard in the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “EZcode to Become Open Standard”

  1. The 2d code used by Scanbuy is a universitary open source (GNU) project available over the name of Visual Code. Every one can have specs and source code for free !Scanbuy just pretend it’s their tech., but is not ! They are kind of smart on this mission…

  2. Scanbuy´s core solution 2D barcode, which it calls “EZcode”, and its code generator (encoder) and decoder application which it calls “Scanlife”, are available for free on the Internet under the name their original creator gave them, Visual Codes. It is not a Scanbuy proprietary solution. It was not developed by Scanbuy, and it is not Scanbuy´s exclusive software. The real name of this 2D code and project is Visual Codes. The complete project source code (decoder and encoder) is available for free download on the Internet. This project is still being updated by its authors, university students Beat Gfeller and Michael Rohs.



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