England Football Shirt with a QR Code?

There is an item in the UKs Daily Mirror newspaper today on the England football team’s new kit. One paragraph reads “The shirt is the first to feature QR technology. A code will be inside the shirt, which when activated by a mobile will take the owner to a unique wap site with exclusive content. The shirt will be revealed on Monday, worn by the players against Switzerland next Wednesday and available to buy on March 12”.

3 thoughts on “England Football Shirt with a QR Code?”

  1. I noticed this about the new England shirt when I was writing about it for my blog.

    I think it’s a clever marketing idea but not sure in this case it’s much more than a gimmick. What’s your opinion?

  2. Hi Michelle, I think you are right it could have been a good piece of marketing but has turned out to be a gimmick. Marketers are not renowned for their instant grasp of new technologies and it may take them a while to come to grips with what is really possible with 2d-codes.

  3. QR codes have been around for a while now. The take up in the uk has been extremely slow to say the least. this is April 2009 and nothing!

    I think the main reasons for this are; The access to technology, the aggressiveness in the medias uptake to these, and lastly the cellular providers/manufacturers, who resist adding all new developments to new handsets as standard and for free.

    With hindsight we can see how this has developed with the iPhone app store and its closest competitors. However these are niche markets and certainly not accessible by the general population.

    I think it is a wonderful tool and not a gimmick at all. Depending on how many of the players play ball, QR codes can be used to do a whole host of things like sending txts or leaving a voicemail on your phone etc. It’s past the potential stage and currently, a missed opportunity.

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