Goverment May Force QR Codes Onto Energy Bills

Earlier this year, after 18 months of cogitation at the taxpayers expense, the UK government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills produced a “Feasibility study on the use of QR codes in the energy sector” (PDF). Unsurprisingly they concluded that “…adding QR codes to energy bills or statements is relatively low cost and technically highly feasible”. Today the government Department of Energy & Climate Change has taken up the baton and has produced a consultation paper on “Proposals to amend domestic energy supply licence conditions – requiring provision of key energy data in a machine readable format” (PDF). There is an example (below) of how a consumer will see the result after scanning one of the QR Codes if the government decides to make them mandatory. If you think that formulating, discussing and then implementing this proposal comes under the category of government waste, then you are probably right.

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