Edible QR Code

The three chefs, Ferran AdriĆ  of El Bulli in Girona, Spain, Thomas Keller of Per Se in New York and Seiji Yamamoto of Nihonryori Ryugin in Roppongi, Tokyo, all have at least two things in common (apart from badly designed websites).

Firstly these three are leading the revolution in science based cooking and secondly they all have restaurants that are virtually impossible to get into because they are so heavily booked.

They are experts in food science techniques like cryovacking (food is put into a plastic bag and vacuum packed under extreme pressure) and liquid nitrogen seems to be an essential in their kitchens.

However Seiji Yamamoto has excelled himself by silk-screening a bar code onto a plate using a paste of squid ink, red miso and poached egg yolk. This picture (from the Japan Times) shows a candy apple filled with nitrogen-frozen ice cream and the QR code on the plate is the url of the restaurant.

A candy apple on a plate with an edible QR code.

Here is the QR code in close-up courtesy of Chow.

Edible QR code on a plate.

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