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I have been writing about these constructions when they appear for over three years now and I thought new and regular readers may like to see ten of the best in one post. They are presented in more or less chronological order and I hope this list encourages others to attempt even more wonderful and exotic edible QR Codes. Edible QR Codes are basically of two kinds, those that are ‘built’ from edible components such as chocolates and those that are embossed or printed with edible ‘inks’ on an item such as a wedding cake. The links to the original posts will somtimes provide more information and a video.

QR Code on a dinner plate1. The first edible QR Code I saw was in January 2008 produced on a plate by Seiji Yamamoto chef of the Nihonryori Ryugin restaurant in Tokyo. Nihonryori Ryugin is ranked number 20 in S.Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants and well known for the chef’s avant-garde culinary techniques. Seiji had silk-screened a QR Code onto the plate using a paste of squid ink, red miso and poached egg yolk. Original post: Edible QR Code

QR Codes on Chocolate2. At the end of 2008 Chocolate Graphics Japan produced two chocolates with QR Codes. They did so to demonstrate their patented process of printing on chocolate with chocolate rather than with edible ink. Original post: Edible Chocolate QR Code

QR Code cup cake3. October 2009 saw a QR Code cupcake from Clever Cupcakes of Montreal with the QR Code resolving to their website. Three months later having seen the image on Flickr Montreal Science Center requested QR Code cupcakes resolving to their Facebook page to promote their Technofolies exhibition. Subsequently these cupcakes became part of the exhibition! Sad to say that Cupcakes of Montreal no longer exists… Original post: Cupcake with a QR Code

Frisk mint QR Code4. SET Japan and their designer QR Codes will be very familiar to 2d-code readers and early in 2010 they put together a video to show some of their clients what was possible. The video shows the construction of a QR Code from Frisk Mints (the number one selling mint in Japan) with the code resolving to the SET Japan website. Original post: QR Code Made From Mints

QR Code from wrapped chocolates5. A few days later an unknown person (at least I was never able to discover who it was) built a QR Code from a variety of wrapped chocolates and videoed the process. The QR Code decoded as the characters ?? which I believe translates as ‘personal destiny’ a construct in ancient Chinese astrology. Original post: QR Code Built From Chocolates

M&M QR Code6. In August 2010 sakibomb222 who seems to be all over the web but without a true identity constructed a QR Code from a 56 oz bag (plus a few) of M&M’s that resolved to the M&M website. Why the company’s ad agency never capitalised on this and expanded the idea is a complete mystery. Original post: M&M’s QR Code

QR Code Tortilla7. NYC Resistor is a hacker collective that makes me want to live in New York. They ran a competion in November 2010 for members to make an edible QR Code that scanned. The winner was a QR Code Tortilla but the other enties were an amazing cornicopia of edible QR Codes. These included waffles with the appropriate squares filed with Nutella, one made from Jello and even a QR Code in mashed potato. Member Trammell Hudson has posted a Flickr set for posterety. Original post: QR Code Laser Etched on Waffle Batter

QR Code wedding cake8. January 2011 and we saw the world’s first QR Code wedding cake, created by Nina Notaro, pastry chef/owner of Cake Studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The cake and its edible QR Code appeared at the Wonderful Wedding Show in the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The QR Code resolved to a mobile version of the Cake Studio website. Original post: World’s First QR Code Wedding Cake

QR Code built with chopsticks9. Last month a Korean lunch box manufacturer constructed a QR Code from chocolates using a subtraction method that I have not seen before. Chocolates were positioned on a white suface for every square in the matrix and the appropriate chocolates were removed to reveal the white space below. This technique required the use of chopsticks! Original post: Chocolate, Chopsticks and a QR Code

QR Code from supermarket products10. Swedish advertising agency NPP has created an edible QR Code for online grocery shopping business NetXtra. Using food and groceries from a supermarket shopping trip they constructed the code in their studio by placing items on a template. Unfortunately they used stainless steel for the base trying to get the feel of a restaurant kitchen work surface. This had to be edited for the final ad which is still not easy to scan (decodes as http://qr8.se/l/161) but the idea was good and it is edible! Original post: This is it – with a video of the construction below.

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  1. Interesting you posted this, Roger! We shared some Tag chocolates we had made on our page as well!

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    Microsoft Tag

  2. Just came across your post, great ideas. Affinity Sites has several different options for using qrcode chocolates, a button to top cupcakes and desserts, a filled chocolate as an after dinner mint or a boxed gift set of 4 chocolates. It is great to have the codes on chocolate. The real fun is being able to access the connection and create something personal for a special project.

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