Can QR Code Billboards Be Dangerous?

Dutch property developer Bohemen BV has come under fire in the Dutch parliament for its QR Code billboard visible from the A4 motorway, Leiderdorp. The QR Code promoting a design competition for industrial development resolves to Bohemen’s website. However the Dutch Socialist Party believes that the board is distracting motorists and has asked the Minister of Infrastructure and Environment to order its removal. The developer has said that the billboard is for passengers not for drivers. (Video in Dutch below)


Thank you Jeroen Pauwels for the heads-up.

5 thoughts on “Can QR Code Billboards Be Dangerous?”

  1. Personally, the idea of the government coming into the equation is never acceptable. None the less, I think people should be smart enough not to put QR Codes on billboards over highways and busy intersections / streets. An advertiser who does so, opens themselves up to potential liability should an accident occur in front of a QR Code billboard, whether the code caused the accident or not. Conversely, people should be smart enough not to try and scan a code while driving. There are so many places that lend themselves to QR Codes with the exception of highways and coffee cups.

  2. This got me thinking, we recently rolled out large QR codes on our delivery vehicles to direct people to a Contact Page (yes, optimized for mobile!) and now I wonder if we should include a disclaimer about scanning while moving. The idea was to make it accessible to people stopped behind or next to the trucks, hadn’t thought of liability however.

  3. @RobW If you’re in the States, then I would say yes. There seems to be a propensity for people to sue and win their case because they weren’t treated like a moron (i.e. everything explained to them, no matter how obvious). Include that type of info to save yourself.

    Personally, I think this kind of nannying has helped to create a ridiculous culture.

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