Dutch Government QR Code Campaign

Sprxmobile are running a country wide mobile campaign with QR Codes for the Netherlands government funded Nutrition Center (Stichting Voedingscentrum Nederland). The Nutrition Center provides independent information about healthy food and food quality. Sprxmobile have placed QR Codes on 1,500 billboards with the codes resolving to a mobile site with food related quizzes, advice and contact information. Thanks to Steve for the heads up.

Dutch government healthy eating poster
Healthy eating poster

4 thoughts on “Dutch Government QR Code Campaign”

  1. Roger,

    As a leading spotter of QR codes around the Globe could you add your comments on why you think that only QR is the 2D code that everyone believes is the 2D code of choice.

    Did you know that a DataMatrix is 60% smaller and contains the same data, is already used in packaging, brand protection, anti counterfeit, e.govt. , track and trace etc. as well as the marketing examples you spotted.

    Looking at the bigger picture, for cross media marketing and to enable this to expand beyond simply ‘connecting to url’s’ let’s also discuyss DataMatrix and educate the community on that too.

    The importance of DataMatrix is such that a number of the leading providers of Mobile Code Reading Technologies thought only QR was necessary to be read – but soon added DM to their reader capabilities which is rather like the example that Mac had to provide a MS Office application – ‘coz if the only backed one horse (rather like only using QR) then they would have found the future would have taken a very different direction.



  2. add your comments on why you think that only QR is the 2D code that everyone believes is the 2D code of choice

    Mark, I don’t know!

    It reminds me of the Betamax and VHS Formats in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Academics still debate exactly why VHS won but the fact is that it was the consumer that eventually decided the outcome.

    My gut feeling is that Datamatrix is increasingly being used for ticketing and manufacturing purposes and that QR Codes are increasingly being adopted by the Marketers.

    Of course there is an infinite amount of detail to discuss regarding competing codes but at the moment I can’t see consumers doing anything other than adding momentum to the current trend.

    I would be very interested to hear from others on this topic…..

  3. Mark,

    I have to agree with Roger’s assessment here. While it is true DataMatrix has the bigger presence in uses such as print process control, I have seen very few marketing applications with it while QR has gained a tremendous foot hold on the marketing side.

    We can argue the technical merits of each code but the fact is that they are very similar technically. There has not been a wide scale use of the DM in applications with cell phones as the targeted reading device so I think it is unknown how well the DM would even do in marketing applications where as QR has years of proven track record in Japan and elsewhere.

    Also, the assertion that DM is 60% smaller than QR is false. When encoding the same data and making them readable by the same device the two codes are virtually identical.

    As someone who markets both a DM and a QR product, I can tell you that we only recommend QR for marketing applications because we feel that this is the safest and best solution for the long term. It is going to be the code of choice for the consumer facing applications going forward. The other codes will just be for niche proprietary solutions.


  4. Joe,

    It’s deep into 2010 and I totally agree with your comment still. But the ‘other codes’ definately have there value in the sectors they are used. What I see is ‘walled garden’ systems like the Microsft barcode and the French FlashCode will definately be under pressure to provide value for money or will be overrun by QR.

    The funny thing is…the ‘walled garden’ systems provide consistancy which QR does not. What I mean is, if you do not make use of a ‘compression service’ or a service provider (another walled garden), then your simple vcard can become a very big and ‘un sexy’ thing. 😉

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