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I had heard that Duplo had some success with their QR Code Win an iPad competition while exhibiting at IPEX 2010, the printing and publishing industry trade fair. I made some enquiries and received a very informative email from Andy Pike, Duplo Retail Marketing Executive. I am publishing it in full (with Andy’s permission) because I think it is a great example of how one company is using QR Codes to leverage its business marketing in a number of different ways and I liked the solution to the incompatible mobile devices problem.

Duplo QR Code poster
We have indeed had a lot of success from our use of QR codes, in particular our Win an iPad competition run at IPEX. Over the course of the show, we received over 250 entries. The link enabled us to capture some information on our customers business and future intentions to buy. I attach the original artwork as requested.

To give you a bit more information on our use of QR codes, here is a brief history of how it all came about. At Duplo, we are the leading supplier of Digital Print Finishing (despite what some of our competitors think!). We have over 9 digital bookletmaking configurations, as well as a wide range of cutting, creasing, folding, binding and coating equipment, all designed for the digital print market. With this in mind, we wanted to rebrand our digital division. Given that the majority of our digital equipment optimises the use of barcodes, or other forms of intelligent marking, we thought that the use of QR codes was the perfect backdrop for our brand. The DuploDigital brand was born and with it, the logo, including a QR code, taking you to our www.duplodigital.com mobile site.

Since its launch, all of our advertising has branded the duplodigital QR code, taking you to either our homepage to one of our other QR sites, www.alphasaddle.com or www.duploipex.com.

As well as using this technology in our advertising and branding, we have also added unique QR codes to our business cards. These codes link you directly to the Vcard of the contact, automatically downloading all the contacts details directly to your mobile phone. When creating this, I hit a bit of a wall in regards to the iPhone. In our business, our CEO and MD both have iPhones (as do I), however our sales team all have Nokia E71’s. This caused a hug problem, as the Vcards for these are not completely compatible, and as you may know, it is not possible to download files to an iPhone using Safari mobile. To overcome this obstacle, we had to employ a system that recognises the device the customer is using before deciding how to supply them the details. The result was, if you are using a Nokia, or any other Vcard compatible device, you can directly download the card, however, iPhone users are sent to a mobile site where they are asked to enter their email address, to which they will be instantly sent an email containing the contacts Vcard which is iPhone compatible. It seemed long winded at the time, but has proved to be a success. We do still have the normal business card details under the flap, but we will see what the future holds.

As you may have heard, there is a lot of talk of ‘Web-to-Print’ in the industry. Customers of ours such as Moonpig.com, who have a website that allows the customer to order print online with very little human interaction at the other end. Moonpig also finish their cards using barcodes on our DC-645 cutting and creasing machine. This buzz-word is all well and good, but our MD, Tony Lock has coined a new phrase in the industry, ‘Print-to-Web’. This, we believe is the next step in print communication. Our corporate Christmas card this year even contained a QR code inside of a cracker, linking you to a Season’s Greetings mobile page.

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