QR Codes at Dscoop Convention

InterlinkONE entertained delegates to the 2010 Dscoop convention in Dallas with a large QR Code floor decal (video below). Placed at the convention center entrance it resolved to a video encouraging visitors to the interlinkONE booth where they would receive a QR Code cookie. Jason Pinto blogged about the experience here.

QR Code floor decal and cookies

3 thoughts on “QR Codes at Dscoop Convention”

  1. I really think, no, know that QR codes are going to become a valuable tool for companies and their trade show programs.
    Rock On!

    Tracy Lindsay
    Display Diva

  2. One problem I see (I’m encountering it with my own project) is that for a lot of people it’s currently in the novelty phase. That means there will likely be an uptick in use as a novelty followed by a backlash. Eventually these codes (or something like them) will become useful, but it’s going to take a while.

  3. Mike,
    this is always true with new technology and new media channels. There are the early adopters who see the possibilities and then those who need to see success in order to begin looking into something.

    The early adopters will always be seen later as trendsetters and authorities. The early adopters will be able to implement new technology cheaper and with greater return.

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