Library QR Codes for Kids Summer Fun

We have posted before on Jarrod Robinson, the teacher we would love to have had when we were at school, in Bone up on QR Codes and QR Code orienteering. Now we can add a creative library to our retrospective wish list. Dover Town Library, Massachusetts like other libraries in the Northern Hemisphere is preparing a reading and activity program for children during the summer holidays. Dover Town Library have created a Starship Adventure theme that includes a walk around the town and library with the opportunity to explore a scaled down version of the solar system, all with QR Codes. In addition children can create their own QR Codes and test them out at the front desk, game sheets are also available with instructions on creating a QR Code alien message. Congratulations to Bonnie Peirce, Judi Long and all the team at Dover Town Library!

Dover Town Library Starship adventure trail

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