“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” Donald Duck Gets QR Coded

Egmont, the Danish publisher of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck magazine, in cooperation with Okari Mobile have published a special comic edition with QR Codes. The comic features a visit to Denmark by Donald and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie with QR Codes in appropriate places linking to sound and animation. This is the first time a QR Code has been used in media for children and there is something rather nice about the fact that modern technology is introduced to them by such a distinguished vintage cartoon character.

QR Code in a Donald Duck comic
Comic page with QR Codes

7 thoughts on ““Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” Donald Duck Gets QR Coded”

  1. Using QR Codes with children’s content is extremely natural. Children are often the best early adopters of technology, simply because they have no fear and welcome change.

    Also, a QR Code can be positioned as opening up “secret” content and experiences or extending “play” into the mobile space (where they are using their parent’s phones to play games in the back of the car).

    We’ve been involved in pitching a number of Brands applications of QR to mobile experiences (kid safe and non-sales oriented); for example, using a children’s menu at a restaurant as an extension of the typical crayon and paper (perhaps with a free dessert at the end of it).

    There will be some very wide release children’s entertainment content coupled with QR and 2D experiences coming to market very soon in the States. It would be ironic if children’s content results in far higher scan rates than campaigns targeted to adults.

  2. A wonderful integration of print and mobile. Brings the story to life and allows the reader to become more immersed in the adventure.

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