Dom Pérignon Gets a QR Code

Dom Pérignon’s Andy Warhol tribute champagne is being released world wide this week and the news is that in Japan each bottle will have a designer QR Code. The champagne is in a unique set of three bottles, red, blue and yellow, paying homage to the artist’s adventures in colour and the QR Code resolves to a specially created Japanese mobile site that includes a version of the video below. The QR Code labels were created by SET Japan.


Dom Perignon designer QR Codes

5 thoughts on “Dom Pérignon Gets a QR Code”

  1. They are beautiful.

    But, after 3 scans and 2 Readers not resolving, I give up.

    I’m really tired of “designer QR” adding more confusion and failure to the market. Maybe if I have a new 5mp camera w/autofocus, but, I don’t…and not many do.

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