DIY QR Code Ticketing Anyone?

Sumlung Tech have a great little mobile barcode scanner for e-ticketing enthusiasts. Reading Datamatrix or QR Codes from paper or a mobile device, it comes with a USB connection and easy to integrate windows software. Costing only $220 for a single unit of the QR Code version (the Datamatrix version is $50 more), e-ticketing is now within reach of the DIY enthusiast. All details in this specification sheet (PDF).





8 thoughts on “DIY QR Code Ticketing Anyone?”

  1. It is interesting but why would someone pay for this more than 200$ when he can buy cheap mobile phone, install free datamatrix decoder and connect it to computer?

  2. @Prokka The answer to your question is in the number of ticket holders per minute that can be processed and the robustness of the device.

  3. This barcode reader is essentially a webcam built in the plastic box.

    We’ve evaluated it to see if it would work for a 700-guest event earlier in the year but decided that the speed and reliability for scanning 2D QRCode on the mobile LCD screen not good enough to work on all phones.

    Decided to go the Denso-Wave wedge hand held scanner instead – cost twice as much but works 10 times better.

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