QR Code on USPS Magazine for Marketers

A QR Code is on the cover of the October edition of Deliver, the United States Postal Service’s bi-monthly magazine for marketers (image below). The instructions read: “Puzzled by our cover image? Here’s what you need to do: 1. Download a barcode reader for your mobile phone. 2. Now open it and use your phone’s camera to read the QR code on our cover. 3. Be amazed at what you see”. The code scans as http://www.delivermagazine.com/ but for users with mobile devices, user agent detection (and browser detection) takes them to the mobile site.

Cover of USPS magazine Deliver with a QR Code

1 thought on “QR Code on USPS Magazine for Marketers”

  1. When I received this issue in the mail on Saturday, I was excited to see the promotional use of QR Codes. For those that don’t receive Deliver magazine, it’s for those that do direct mail or marketing. Anyways, I was very upset to read the magazine without any mention of the use of a QR Code in a direct mail campaign. Zero articles about them. And it seems to me, that every magazine I see an article about QR codes, it’s some old person that doesn’t understand them nor supplies any ideas of usage. Usually a brief history lesson with a message of “be cool and use qr codes”. This is why I love this site. It has great info and ideas of usage. Great ways to sell ideas to clients as well…. Kudos to you, 2d code!!!

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