DEFCON Datamatrix Code

This year’s annual DEFCON computer security conference was as usual attended by the smartest computer people in the world. The hackable convention badges were custom printed circuit boards complete with a microprocessor. The board also contained a Datamatrix code which decoded to a cryptic image on the DEFCON website. Nobody seems to be able to decrypt the message but the consensus is that the symbols and numbers may be part of an online scavenger hunt. (Thanks to Kevin Lim for the picture and a very interesting website).

DEFCON convention badge Datamatrix Code


What does this cryptic image from DEFCON mean?


If you have any ideas on what this image means, let me know!

1 thought on “DEFCON Datamatrix Code”

  1. There is a discussion about this puzzle online at the Defcon forums:

    At least one person has solved it, and there is mention in that thread about how the answer to the puzzle has been passed to a few other people too.

    So far, nobody has published the solution in any public web spaces.

    Come tomorrow (Friday the 22) this riddle remains up for 2 weeks without a published solution.

    I thought hackers were supposed to be good at this kind of thing. ]:>


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