Datamatrix Beer Festival Campaign

Boris Dragovic, CEO and Founder of KlikMee emailed to tell me of a successful 2d barcode campaign at the Belgrade Beer Festival ’09 (600,000+ visitors in 5 days!). The datamatrix code was on 400,000+ cans of limited edition BeerFest beer and resolved to a mobile site with the festival program, a map of the festival area, live gallery, wallpapers etc. Most importantly there was a quiz which the mobile phone users were asked to answer 5 out of 7 questions related to the event, recycling, beer, etc. The first 200 daily who answered 5 questions correctly received an sms with a link to a datamatrix code that was a mobile coupon for the prize. At the KlikMee stand they could redeem the coupon which was scanned off their mobile phone screen with a mobile app and automatically marked as redeemed in the system.

Datamatrix code on the official Belgrade Beer Festival beer can

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