Locate The QR Codes And Win $40,000

A clue to the location of the first CLIQR QR CodeThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is offering a cash prize of $40,000 in a challenge to locate specific QR Codes. The quest called CLIQR Quest is designed to help DARPA understand communication in social media and social networking.

DARPA explains the challenge: “This quest is not a scavenger hunt nor is it a geocaching contest or game. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills at using social media. You do not have to physically visit any of the locations where the QR Codes are publicly displayed – the intent is for you to use your online presence and tools to distribute the code (using the Twitter hash tag #CLIQRquest or keyword CLIQRquest on other platforms) and find others with the codes you need. The first to submit all the CLIQR Quest codes, either individually, or as a team, will be rewarded with a $40,000 cash prize. If all the available QR Codes are not submitted by a single entrant, the first entrant who submitted the most available codes will receive a prorated amount of the full prize”.

I understand but cannot confirm that the first QR Code can be found at…. let’s just say the image on the left is a good clue. The official U.S. Department of Defense website for CLIQR Quest is here. Good luck!

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