US Carriers go for EZ Code and Datamatrix

CTIA The International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry has reached the conclusion that US carriers will support the proprietary EZ Code and open Datamatrix Code symbologies with indirect access. The conclusions are explained in their Camera-Phone Based Barcode Scanning White Paper published today.

1 thought on “US Carriers go for EZ Code and Datamatrix”

  1. Well I’ve posted my response with all the deference this white paper deserves.

    After 2 years of lobbying and hidden agendas with lots of committees and discussions this is what they come out with, they should have titled it…”We’re carriers looking out for ourselves and all you advertisers and consumers better bend over and touch your toes”.

    Someone at CTIA either took a bribe or failed an IQ test if they think this is going to work.

    This is paper is fubar and will die a stillborn death.

    Basically all you QR code people go about your business, keep implementing really cool campaigns with no hidden charges, license fees or ‘carrier taxes’ on your creativity.

    Ignore all the scummy scanbuy/neomedia/ctia cohorts with their closed mobile carrier mentality and taxes and charges. The world has already passed proprietary closed systems by, they had their shot 4 years ago and they blew it.

    Dean Collins

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