Coca-Cola Japan QR Code Promotion

Coca-Cola Japan is giving away free bottles of two new teas with a QR Code promotion. Coca-Cola Japan sells lots of bottled tea, also lots of cans of coffee! If you see the advertisement (example picture below) you snap the QR Code with your mobile device and when you want the free tea hold up your device to a vending machine that accepts payment via mobile. The vending machine will recognize the coupon and give you your free tea. (You can pay a vending machine with your cell phone in Japan and vending machines do have cameras!). Hat tip to Nagoyankee on Japan Forum.

Coca-Cola promotion QR CodeCoca-cola vending free bottles of tea

2 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Japan QR Code Promotion”

  1. Interesting concept. QR codes are great, but they distance the brand creative and cherished Coca-Cola Logo with an ugly black and white box.

    At Pongr, ( we recognize the challenge to link creative endorsements with existing brand creative. That’s why we have developed an image recognition platform that enables advertisers to run promotions like this in the concept of a social media game for mobile. Furthermore we are carrier agnostic, and work on pretty much all phones with MMS capability.

    I encourage you to check it out!

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