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In mid June Directgov, the central website for UK government services, appointed Cimex to develop its mobile channel. Probably a good choice but the latest issue of Cimex Magazine (PDF) has a QR Code on the front that resolves to, shouldn’t that be ? (First Rule of QR Codes).

2 thoughts on “Cimex QR Code”

  1. Well, yes and no. Although in theory it should link to the mobile site (and I agree with the ‘first rule’), Twitter is pretty good at redirecting people to the right version of the site.

    Also, which version are you going to redirect people to… the mobile site, or the iPhone site, in the case of sites (like Facebook) that have both?

    I would rather see a standard be created for using the ‘rel’ tag on an HTML page to point out to the browser if there’s a more appropriate version of the page.

    Perhaps one answer is to direct the code to a landing page and let the user select the type of device they have, but that’s a pretty nasty approach.

    Also, don’t forget that many people will want to move the URL (using a variety of methods) from their mobile to their PC, and in that context a mobile site URL is going to be the wrong site.

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