Microsoft’s BSOD QR Code

QR Codes are being added to Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). The new QR codes are featured in the latest preview of Windows 10 which will roll out this summer as the Anniversary Update.

Microsoft's new BSOD QR Code

Currently the QR Code does not encode the stop code but points to a generic Windows help page (image below). Will the Anniversary Update QR Code resolve to a page that is actually useful and explains what each code means? Probably not but you can hope.

Microsoft's BSOD QR Code resolves to an unhelpful landing page

John Lewis QR Code Poster

A reader (thank you Stephen!) photographed the QR Code poster below outside of John Lewis in Kingston upon Thames, UK recently. This is a shopping poster with a picture of each item and its QR Code located in the black squares of the overall code (which resolves to the John Lewis mobile website). The product QR Codes resolve to a detailed description with an add to basket option e.g. The Elliot Task Lamp. The results from John Lewis’s first virtual store at the end of last year were obviously good enough to encourage further trials.

John Lewis QR Code poster
John Lewis QR Code poster detail

Double Trouble QR Code

Large corporations putting QR Codes on product packaging is not new but the QR Code on these HP Deskjet 3070A Printer boxes photographed in a local PC World store by a 2d-code reader show what can go wrong. The box on the right has the QR Code obscured by a security tab but it doesn’t really matter because if you scan the code on the box on the left it resolves to a page with the error message: File name provided does not exist: HPFiles/CQ191B/CQ191B_gb_en.xml

HP printer boxes with ususable QR Code