Augmented Reality, Image Recognition And QR Codes

I have posted on the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) as an eventual replacement for QR Codes previously, now it seems that Sony have taken us a step closer. Sony’s ‘SmartAR’ is an anchorless (no marker) AR technology that can recognize everyday objects including photographs and posters and display AR information without having to keep the object in view (video below at 1.58+). Apparently the object recognition technology was developed from Sony’s robot projects but there is no indication as yet when they will incorporate it into products.

Demonstration of Sony's anchorless augmented reality

QR Codes And NFC Side By Side

Point of sale NFC and QR Code placard
Reach Media Group’s network of 75,000 digital-out-of-home screens are to become interactive with NFC and QR Codes provided by proximity marketing provider Blue Bite (video below). The new platform named mTag is a placard placed at or near the point of sale with a “Tap or Scan” call-to-action. The same content will be provided to the user irrespective of whether they use NFC (Tap) or Scan (the QR Code) which over a period of time should provide some valid statistics on the uptake of NFC in this environment.

Google NFC Sticker Facts

As I was reading through this weeks NFC related news I thought a few things I learned may be of interest to 2d-code readers.

Google NFC-enabled stickers are currently available for businesses located in the Madison, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Nevada, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas area and with a verified Google Places page.

Google NFC-enabled stickers are free and can be obtained from the Google Places Business Kit Catalog.

Google NFC-enabled stickers are 2 x 3 inches

Google NFC-enabled stickers can be scanned by any NFC enabled mobile phone running the Google Places app.

1 in 5 Smartphones will have NFC by 2014 according to the latest NFC Retail Marketing & Mobile Payments Report from Juniper Research.

Identive Group share price increased 114% on April 12 when the company announced that its business unit ACiG Technology has been selected as an exclusive supplier of near filed communication RID stickers for the roll out of Google’s marketing campaign for Google Places in Austin, Texas.

Everything there is to know about NFC Smart Posters (PDF) published this week by The NFC Forum, of which Google is a Principal member.