New Polo Ralph Lauren QR Code Campaign

Ralph Lauren first used QR Codes over 6 years ago, as we reported at the time. Amazingly that particular QR Code still works – try it and see!

This month, to mark the designer’s launch of Polo for women, QR Codes are being used again. Harrods, London’s upmarket department store, has given over its window displays to the fashion brand for a QR Code and NFC campaign (images below).

QR Code and NFC vinyl stickers on the windows allow consumers to scan or tap their smartphones to see an interactive map. The map will guide them to Harrods new in-store Fashion Lab and mobile website. Mobile proximity commerce company Proxama are using their TapPoint platform to allow Harrods and Ralph Lauren to track the progress of the campaign in real time.

Consumers Show Little Interest In Mobile Wallets

Phoenix Marketing International’s Credit Card Monitor survey has some interesting data on the current consumer interest (or lack of it) in mobile wallets. Phoenix surveyed 3,013 credit card owners as part of its ongoing research study with a special section of the questionnaire addressing cardholder attitudes, usage, interest and preferences regarding mobile wallet apps for a smartphone. Of those smartphone owners surveyed 70% of them were aware of mobile wallets but only 20% show much interest in using one (chart below). Overall, cardholders preferred PIN over NFC and QR codes by a 3 to 1 margin (second chart below).

Disney Uses NFC Posters

Disney Infinity is Disney’s multimedia project incorporating multiple IPs and platforms that includes NFC enabled figures as toy play-sets. Now they are using 5,000 NFC enabled posters from Insert (Display Field Marketing) located in Paris, Grenoble, Marseille and Lyon to drive consumers to the nearest Disney store. Tapping the NFC tag with an NFC enabled device displays a map with directions to the nearest store (video below). Consumers are also able to accumulate points for the Disney Movie Rewards loyalty program, interact with social networks and watch videos. It seems that the trend of combining NFC with QR Codes continues as just below the NFC tag on the Disney poster is a QR Code, presumably for iPhone users 🙂

Disney poster in France with NFC

NFC v QR Code Mobile E-payments

The largest telecommunication service provider in Taiwan and one of the largest in Asia in terms of revenue has launched a QR Code mobile e-payment service.

Chunghwa Telecom in cooperation with eight local credit card issuing banks and a number of retail stores and service providers hopes to reach one million users of the e-payment service within a year. The company say that the system is totally secure, takes only three steps and is completed in less than 30 seconds. Using the banks “QR Buckle” app the consumer scans a QR Code provided by the store and then simply selects which credit card they would like to use for payment to complete the purchase.

The bank says the application will be used for purchases in-store or online, from catalogs and posters, TV shopping, taxis and airlines and even automatic vending machines. The “QR Buckle” app is currently available only for Android (2.3 or later) but the bank says that iOS and Windows Phone versions are in the pipeline.

I am not sure how an NFC payment method can do better than this, any thoughts? How will mobile e-payments develop?

First screen shot of the QR Buckle app
Second screen shot of the QR Buckle app
Third screen shot of the QR Buckle app
Fourth screen shot of the QR Buckle app