QR Code Poster for Electronic Arts SPORE

Spore, Electronic Arts latest online video game is about to get a European marketing push using QR Codes. Posters (see photo below) with a QR Code mosaic composed of characters from SPORE will initially be distributed around Germany closely followed by other European countries. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where users can register to receive an email coupon code for a 5 euro discount on SPORE from the EA Store.

Electronic Arts poster with QR Codes advertising their new game SPORE

QR Code Vespa Scooter Posters

Dentsu’s QR Code campaign for Vespa earlier last year possibly contributed to them being short-listed for Strategy Magazine’s Agency of the Year.

QR Codes on posters were placed throughout downtown Toronto. The codes sent people to a mobile site where they could win Vespa mobile wallpapers, Vespa video ring tones, Free Vespa T-shirts, 40% off clothing at local Vespa Dealers, even win a brand new Vespa LX150, instantly.

Michael Gramlow, Creative Director, said “The Vespa campaign was intended to create ‘buzz’ for the brand by utilizing a very new technology that would appeal to the youth demographic. Our expectation was that a core group of tech-savvy people would spread the word about the campaign and the technology needed to participate”.

When asked about future campaigns he said “Although we’ve discussed doing other QR Code-based campaigns for some of our other clients, the largest hurdle in our market remains carrier adoption. Without one of the major carriers supporting QR Codes (ideally by pre-installing a reader on compatible handsets) the likelihood of wide scale adoption is slim. So while it may appeal to a certain demographic (probably more youth-oriented and tech savvy) we’re far away from being able to run a mass/mainstream campaign”.

You can see the full details on the campaign here.

Vespa QR Code poster and mobile prize