Scan A QR Code And Adopt A Dog

Baxter cut-out in the IKEA storeCause marketing and QR Codes have been brought together brilliantly by IKEA Singapore who recently demonstrated their willingness to help shelter dogs find new homes.

IKEA and other leading home furnishing stores have combined to create a collective project called ‘Home for Hope’. By partnering with a group of local pet adoption organizations cardboard cut-outs of real animals available for adoption are showcased throughout the stores.

These life-like cut-outs are displayed in room sets exactly as they might be found in a real home and each has a unique QR code tagged to its collar which can be scanned for more information about that particular dog, for example Baxter (left).

After success in Singapore where 26 dogs found a new home the project is now being trialled in the US where the IKEA store in Tempe, Arizona has partnered with the Arizona Humane Society to home six dogs.

QR Code Scanning In The Rain

This idea is extremely ingenious but I have my doubts that it ever worked as well as is claimed. Ogilvy & Mather Group spray painted Hong Kong streets with QR Code advertising that only shows up when the pavement is wet (video below). Using water repellent spray meant that when it rained commuters could see the message “It’s sunny in the Philippines” and a QR Code that resolved to discount deals from airline Cebu Pacific.

In the video the agency claim that online bookings increased 37% which is difficult to believe for two reasons. Firstly the lack of contrast will make the QR Code difficult, if not impossible, to scan in most conditions. Secondly the QR Code uses a Google short URL which enables us to see the scanning statistics and the total number of scans showing is only 89 (screenshot below).

However the campaign may have been a success through press and TV reporting, much like this QR Code haircut from 2011.

Google url shortner stats showing 89 scans

Apple QR Code

Apples originating from the Aomori Prefecture in Japan will each have an individual QR Code from next year, even if they are harvested from the same tree (image below). Aomori apples are famous for their flavor and size and 90% of them are exported. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where the consumer can view information on the farmer, soil, pesticides used etc., in Japanese, Chinese and English. The QR Code system will allow the prefectural government and apple growers to follow the distribution routes of the exported apples.

How the QR Codes might look
Apple and Farmers details on smartphone screenshot

QR Code Tie: Tech For Your Neck

A new Kickstarter project to raise $40,000 to produce a line of QR Coded ties was launched today. QRTie describe themselves as a small, eclectic group of friends in Los Angeles and the funds will be used to ensure their ties are made in the US and provide a lifetime link for the QR Code. Through the QRTie website owners can choose where their QR Code directs, for example to their company URL by day or to their dating profile at night (video below). Each of the initial range of six ties is named after an icon of the cinema and designed in classic style. I am told by the team that that the first season for the Kickstarter project will only be in the US but they will definitely be expanding to other countries once the store goes live. Good luck to Brandon, Vanessa, Katy, Brad, and Ryan with their project!

Showing off the QR Code tie

Red Bull QR Codes

Red Bull is trying out QR Codes in a number of international markets at the moment (images below). The most interesting is a QR Code on a limited edition 4-Pack which promotes the first ever National Red Bull Flugtag competition taking flight in Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth, Long Beach, Miami, and Washington DC on the same day, September 21. This is an event where competitors attempt to fly home made human powered flying machines by launching themselves off a 30ft high pier into the sea. The QR Code resolves to a competitive mobile game offering a grand prize of a chance to fly their creation at the event. The game allows users to create a flying machine, choosing their cockpit, propeller, wings, a tail, and adding flair such as facial hair/mustaches, hats, neckpieces and more. The winner will be chosen on a combination of distance flown (in the game) and creativity.

In the UK Red Bull are producing a limited edition can featuring the world renowned stunt rider Travis Pastrana with a QR Code resolving to exclusive video content and a prize draw for a chance to see Travis perform at a live show.

QR Codes on new Red Bull cans in Australia and New Zealand resolve to the company’s mobile web site.

New Red Bull 4-pack packaging
Red Bull 4-pack packaging QR Code
UK Red Bull can with a QR Code
Red Bull Australia QR Code can