iPhone Users can’t easily read QR and Datamatrix Codes?

The iPhone’s camera with its fixed lens, fixed aperture, low sensitivity and no flash does not amount to much when compared to a standard Nokia N95 with its Carl Zeiss lens, automatic focus, flash and detailed user-configurable settings. Could the camera quality be the reason that iPhone users are rating the 2d barcode decoders so low at two and a half stars or less, out of a possible five? Of the four decoders available from the iTunes store, with a total of 26 reviews), Barcode and NeoReader’s average rating is only two and a half stars, 2D Sense two stars and iDecode one star!

QR Code on a Business Card but how?

George Bush Business Card with QR Code

(Added: January 18th, 2010 QR Coded LinkedIn profile with tracking on your business card).

(Added: January 13th, 2010 Since I wrote this post Viscards seems to have ceased operation).

(Added: May 3rd, 2009 I am now using my new and very different Web 2.0 business card to great effect).

How many different ways can you think of to get a working QR Code on your business card?

Here are two to start the ball rolling and when you think of others please add them in a comment.

First, the way that MT Digital’s Viscards would have you do it.

1. Sign up at viscards.com
2. Enter your contact information
3. Download your QR Code which points to http://www.viscards.com/your-user-name, the location of your vCard .vcf file.
4. Print the QR Code on your business card

Quite straight forward and once you have signed up you can go back and change the contact information (if you change jobs for example) and still use the same QR Code.

A second method using a drop.

1. Create your vCard .vcf file in Outlook or one of the many online generators like vCardMaker
2. Creat a new drop at drop.io and upload the .vcf file like this for example http://drop.io/hgjyqfr
3. Create a QR code somewhere like here for your drop.io url.
4. Print the QR Code on your business card

If you change jobs then you just create and upload a new .vcf file

Here is an example of one I produced on drop.io and one on Viscards both for The President.