QR Codes Spice Up Hotel Room

This week saw the opening of the new Modez Hotel in the Dutch town of Arnhem, with its 20 rooms individually designed by Dutch fashion designers. Antoine Peters, who graduated cum laude at the Art Academy in Arnhem, designed Room 6 which is entirely decorated in QR Codes (image below). The wallpaper, curtains, bed linen and furniture are covered in QR Codes which according to Antoine resolve to pornographic images, texts and videos.

QR Code decorated hotel room

Chocolate QR Code Sculpture

The tenth London Design Festival includes a QR Code sculpture made entirely from chocolate (image below). With stores in New York, Boston, Europe and all over the UK international chocolatier Hotel Chocolat collaborated with designer Paul Cocksedge to create an original sculpture made from 1,000 pieces of chocolate. QR Code scanners are rewarded with a voucher that can be exchanged for a complimentary, limited edition chocolate box at London’s Covent Garden store. Hence the sculpture’s title – “Gift”. The QR Code will preview at the V&A on 14th September and will then be on display at the Dock, Portobello Dock, 344 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU.

2d-code readers may recall QR Codes on chocolates, a QR Code constructed from wrapped chocolates and a QR Code made from unwrapped chocolates but I think this is the first chocolate QR Code sculpture.

Chocolate QR Code sculpture for the London Design Festival

QR Code Urban Artist

Berlin based urban artist Sweza is no stranger to regular 2d-code readers. He first appeared over two years ago with his ingenious use of QR Codes to preserve graffiti. He photographs the graffiti before it is cleaned off by the local authorities, afterwards he returns and places a QR Code in the cleaned area which resolves to an image of the original (see this post). Another of his ideas was the QRadio, an audio-visual paste up marrying QR Codes, music and a ghetto blaster (see this post). Much like Banksy he prefers to fly under the radar but recently was the subject of a short video by German TV station DW-TV (below in English).

QRradio by Sweza

Venus Flytrap QR Code

There is very little to do with QR Codes in the video below but any opportunity to show artist and designer Yiying Lu at work can not be missed. Yiying Lu is no stranger to QR Codes as we reported last year in Fail Whale Creator’s Designer QR Codes. This time Yiying sets the QR Codes in an art project ‘Beautiful Traps’ in which she draws carnivorous plants as headwear. The video is 5:20 minutes but well worth watching.

QR Coded carnivorous plants as headwear

World’s First QR Code Talking Comic Book Cover

It’s almost a year since the first QR Code talking head ‘A Very Creative Curriculum Vitae’ and there have been a few others since then such as ‘Reporters Without Borders’. Now Valiant Comics has produced what it says is the world’s first QR Code talking comic book cover. The campaign kicks off with posters (image below) previewing X-O Manowar #1 which will be on sale May 2, 2012.

The world's first QR Code talking head comic book cover