Carbon Offset QR Code Stickers

Environmental management and greenhouse gas emissions trading company, Japan Eco-Life is encouraging Japanese companies to participate in the Clean Development Mechanism* (CDM) by using QR Coded mini-stickers. The very small stickers which are only 24mm long and 12mm wide are designed for sticking on your business card when you want to impress the recipient with your green credentials. The QR Code resolves to a mobile page where the user enters their certification number and is then taken to a page describing the particular project with which they are associated and their offset so far.

* Under the Kyoto Protocol the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows countries like the UK, USA, Japan and others to contribute to projects that reduce emissions in developing countries as an alternative to reductions in their own country. These projects are approved by the United Nations and each has a value given in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.


This is the third carbon offset project involving QR Codes that I have heard of so far, the other two being Eco Flights, QR Codes and Carbon Offset and Beer, Carbon Offset and a QR Code Campaign.

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