Calvin Klein QR Code

Mike Bodge photographed this giant QR Code (image below) on Houston St, New York. If you are using a mobile device the QR Code resolves to a singularly unimaginative landing page with a video for morons. Maybe Calvin Klein are trying to sabotage the wider use of QR Codes?

Edit: August 03, 2010. Originally I linked to the landing page but the page has been taken down. Thanks to YouTube you can still watch the video here.

Giant Calvin Klein QR Code poster


6 thoughts on “Calvin Klein QR Code”

  1. Unbelievable! It was nice to see people getting excited over a billboard especially when they were snapping the code from a block away. What a great use of of technology. Unfortunately some photographer doesn’t get it!

  2. It’s not really a great use of technology after all there have been many QR Code billboards before. What it is though is a crap implementation, leading as it does to a mobile site with nothing but a video of mind boggling banality.

  3. I’m really not sure what value Calvin Kleine are getting out of this ad? How many people actually use a QR reader on their phone and would use it with no prize mechanic etc?

  4. I am interested in this legally –

    You cannot post a topless woman on the billboard, but you can publically post a link to a video where a woman appears topless?


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