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Bus timetable QR Code

When I saw Ryo Hirosawa’s bus stop photo on Flickr I have to admit that I could not immediately see the advantage of using a QR Code with a bus time table. Now Ryo has been kind enough to explain it to me.

Each bus has a GPS which continuously updates the bus company server with its position. The QR Code at the bus stop takes you to a mobilised page for that stop which shows a list of approaching buses, their location, whether they are on time or delayed (if delayed by how many minutes), estimated arrival time at the stop and if there are any alternative buses going in the same direction.

Also you can register with the system and receive a message when the next bus is a number of specified stops away or a number of specified minutes before the estimated arrival time at that stop.

Ryo says “With this system we no longer have to wait at the stop wondering when and whether a bus is coming or not. I usually stay at the office or home until the last minute and just walk out the door when bus approaches 4 stops before. Knowing that a bus is on time, delayed or cancelled ahead of time has reduced significantly the amount of people at the bus stop waiting for a bus”.

Thank you Ryo for the explanation, now I know!

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  1. In capital of Croatia, Zagreb, public transit company has been placing textual displays on tram stops which announce how soon will the tram of particular line number come. No codes involved, although the Japanese implementation is probably cheaper at installation time.

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