Universal Evaluates Microsoft Tag

Universal Pictures is using Microsoft Tag in their campaign to promote “Bridesmaids” a new comedy feature film due for release in May. The campaign will include full page ads in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, People StyleWatch and Us Weekly. The tag resolves to a mobile site where users can view a trailer and access additional movie information and content.

Bridesmaids poster with a Microsoft Tag

3 thoughts on “Universal Evaluates Microsoft Tag”

  1. Sure wish MS Tag would release some #’s with regard to the number of Readers which have been downloaded? And, any demographic data they have?

    The UNIVERSAL film and media buy looks like a natural extension of last year’s Tag campaigns that wound up in many women’s magazines (Female 25-39).

    The underlying reality is that MS Tag are doing far larger campaigns than any QR efforts and they’re now well established in the marketplace, at least in the U.S. (at least if you’re Female 25-39). Basically, we all better get used to the idea that MS Tags are here to stay for quite some time. I know they’re popular to b*tch about (by QR proponents), but, it’s time to move on…

  2. I’m probably seen as biased toward QR, but my experiences with MS Tag employees doesn’t help. Pushy salesmen calling themselves ‘evangelists’ so far. I also tried to find out how many companies were using Tags – is it just a few saturating the market? No results so far.

    It’s a great format, but people are wary of when the payments start (it is a when, not if) for using the analytics or if MS will drop it altogether. Unlikely, but it’s happened with their tech before.

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