Bordeaux City Hall Shows The Way With QR Codes

Bordeaux, France is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has more protected buildings than any other French city except Paris. However this has not stopped Bordeaux City Hall from having one of the largest public administration QR Code roll outs in the world. The so called Digital City Project involves the City Council putting QR Codes on their own street furniture including access control points and 600 parking meters. The Codes allow the visitor in Bordeaux to get 24 hours a day on-demand access to World Heritage information about the streets and monuments of the City. More QR Codes and more content are planed, including shortcuts to smart Google Maps to find shops, services or parking places to “ideas of the day” or headline news of the City. More experimental uses such as QR code for “Flash Votes” in public consultations are also under development.

QR Codes in Bordeaux

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