New Barcode Technology from MIT

The Camera Culture Group at MIT Media Lab will be demonstrating a barcode replacement at Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans next week. Called Bokode they consist of an LED under a mask and lens. Information is encoded in the light shining through the mask which varies in brightness depending on the angle it is seen from and can be read by a standard mobile phone camera. (Video below).

Added 12 December, 2010: Bokode: Imperceptible visual tags for camera based interaction from a distance. (pdf)

1 thought on “New Barcode Technology from MIT”

  1. I first read about this on the BBC website and it’s certainly impressive. In fact 2D codes can be read that small too with the right application and can also do many of the same things. I only comment on this because rather like RFID, it appears this will still be a few years away form mass adoption due to the expense of creating the tags and other issues that go with that.

    However, amazing advances and look forward to seeing it gather pace in the months ahead.

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