5 thoughts on “Best Buy QR Code”

  1. @Erik In this case the encoded url and the destination url produce QR Codes of the same size. So the use of a redirect is probably because Mobile Data Systems are managing the campaign and collecting the statistics.

  2. Hopefully Mobile Data (who I know well and are nice guys) don’t hear from the Stockholders of a particular company as I know you have in the past.

    Thanks for your response as always Roger!

  3. Speaking of the rules, what gives with the 2nd rule? I can understand trying not to encode 4000 alphanumerics, but really, whats the difference if a code has 10 char short url embedded or if it has 40? Are the readers really that bad?

  4. @Ryan I think the first thing to say is that with a good quality decoder app, with a good lens and under good conditions there will be no difference in resolving say a 21 x 21 QR Code or a 57 x 57 QR Code.

    However at the other extreme with a poor quality app or a poor quality lens and a QR Code on a billboard under sodium lighting the chances of resolving it at all are slim.

    Then of course there are all the in between scenarios.

    What the 2nd rule does is maximize the probability of easy resolution with no downside.

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