Best Buy Raises The Bar For QR Codes In Retail

Best Buy has been using QR Codes on fact tags in their retail stores for just over a year (image below). Now as part of BBYOpen they have introduced a beta API, BBYScan which provides usage data on who is scanning the QR Codes as well as when, where and what is being scanned within the stores. BBYOpen is Best Buy’s project to open their sets of data by offering new sources of data, access to beta APIs, promotion of apps built using BBYOpen APIs, tools to help get started and incentive models to reward developer work. Providing corporate QR Code scanning data in this way is highly original and sets the bar for QR Code use in retail.

Best Buy fact tag with a QR Code

1 thought on “Best Buy Raises The Bar For QR Codes In Retail”

  1. OK, this sounds intriguing, then you read the APIs and the T&C, and it’s a big “meh.”

    It’s using REST for GET, no ability to POST. So, it’s a one way flow of information.

    What is that information? Nothing very valuable; and, you must attribute data to BestBuy if you engage in any commerce.

    So, it’s an advertising extension for BestBuy and it’s what for Developers? I can’t even think of one bit of data they are allowing access to that would be valuable to pass along? Maybe the “reviews?” But, those are easily accessible from other sites.

    There is no method to reach the customer who did the scan (POST), so, who cares?

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