QR Code on Beer Mats (Coasters)

We Love Mobile have created a QR Code campaign for Colombia Records and Passion Pit the electronic band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Passion Pit’s album “Manners” will be promoted with QR Coded print advertising, posters, flyers and beer mats (coasters). The QR Code resolves to the band’s mobile site where visitors can download a song and a voucher for a discount on the CD. The site uses user agent detection and is best viewed on a mobile device.

If you have seen these QR Codes before, DigitalMum, Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton, you may have wondered if Passion Pit’s branded QR Code was also the work of Tokyo based creative agency SET. It was!

Print ad (below)

Print ad with a QR Code for Passion Pit's album Manners

Tegestologists will be delighted with the coasters (below)

Beer mats with a QR Code for Passion Pit's mobile website

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  1. I’m still getting to grips with the applications of QR codes, but something like this I can see working better than most other applications. It would be interesting to see the succces rates in terms of uptake of QR codes on different media.

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