Beer, Carbon Offset and a QR Code Campaign

Suntory Japan has embraced carbon offset and is producing a limited edition of 25,000 cases of their Barley Gold beer with a QR Code imprinted on the cans to combat CO2 emissions. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where visitors can offset 100g of CO2 once per day. In addition visitors with a carbon offset QUO card (a prepaid cash card) can if they wish be entered into a daily lottery. The campaign will launch on July 21 and last for 42 days.

Suntory beer can carbon offset QR Code campaign

1 thought on “Beer, Carbon Offset and a QR Code Campaign”

  1. This will be a very important milestone for 2D barcode campaigns…

    combining codes, brands, loyalty, prepaid top up cards, and carbon offsetting …..

    simply brilliant

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