Barclays Bank UK QR Code

2d-code reader “Cherky” sent in this picture of a large QR Code sticker in the window of the Canary Wharf branch of Barclays. It looks like it will be difficult to read with its reversed light and dark, and very little space around the code. It actually decodes to “Happy Christmas from all of us at Barclays” but I would be interested to know which QR Code readers can and can’t interpret the code. Please leave a comment below if it works for you (or not!).

Barclays Bank QR Code window sticker

12 thoughts on “Barclays Bank UK QR Code”

  1. With a Nokia E71:
    – Upcode: didn’t work
    – I-nigma: works very well
    – Nokia Point&Find: didn’t work
    – Mobile Tag: didn’t work


  2. Hi, tried with a Scanlife app. that can read EZ, QR and DTM + 1D codes. Did not work even though 🙂

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

  3. Hi again. Now tried it with my Nokia E71 with Scanlife app. It worked very fine, fast. Love 2D codes 🙂

    have a good 2010 to all

  4. This is why I started a QR code consulting company. People are enthusiastic about using QR but don’t have a total understanding of how they work. There are ways of using QR incorrectly, and although beautiful to look at, this is a FAIL. You should have at least a 90% success rate in QR code translation and for the other 10% post a URL so they can view the content as well.


  5. After converting this to black and white it was more readable:
    “Happy Christmas from all of us at Barclays”

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