7 thoughts on “Banksy’s QR Code”

  1. Since there is so much uncertainty about his identity we can’t even be 100% sure Banksy did the mural! Maybe he will turn up here one day, authenticate him/her self and tell us…

  2. Forget banksy revealing himself. That ruins the entire mystery behind his character. I hope we never find out who he is.

  3. I have a big doubt in my mind that the real Banksy would just link to his wiki listing – unless he had doctored the listing first. But that uncertainty is part of the appeal.

  4. I really doubt Banksy would’ve put that there. I mean, seroiusly? It just looks TOTALLY out of place! If he/she would’ve put that, why not just reveal him/herself?

    So I doubt this QR code was placed by him.

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