Banana Republic QR Code

Banana Republic will be using QR Codes in their Spring 2011 marketing campaign “Journey in Style”. The campaign will debut in store windows beginning February 14 and will appear in March publications, supplemented by print, outdoor, online and direct mail. The QR Code will be used in the direct mail and in selected outdoor units such as the phone kiosk ad (image below). The QR Code in this ad resolves to a YouTube video trailer. (Full press release).

Banana Republic poster ad with a QR Code
A close up of the QR Code

6 thoughts on “Banana Republic QR Code”

  1. This campaign is powered by ScanLife, and we have a white label download solution that any brand can activate to reach our audience of 140 million devices.

    2DGO is great for the industry, but not necessary if you work with a platform that already has an app.

  2. @ David You are correct – sorry. I initially looked at your white label solution on a Samsung Galaxy and it did not auto-detect. But, when I went to the same url on HTC Evo’s we are testing for Sprint, it came up great. It also worked fine on my iphone.

    @ Steve Indeed – no matter how much a company prides itself on image, it still needs to address the opportunity it has in front its mobile audience with more than flair. BR does an average job with this campaign. ScanLife is a platform – they are not creatives and thus should not take the hit for BR’s lack of creative treatment, if any.

    Compared to a lot of campaigns BR did ok. I am interested to see if Roger over at 2D Barcode strategy passes or fails it, but either way, if we can learn something in the process, we’ll all fail forward as a result. As Philip Warbasse always says around here -“keep failing forward”.

    Nick Palo

  3. I think its fine that BR uses QR code, but where is the value for the user? if i scan the QR i can se the commercial…..for what use??

    Why not try this: scan and get a voucher – you can enter your mobilnumber and get an MMS with the voucher…or have a competition to get emailpermissions, or a store locator, or….

    Br Peter ( from Denmark 🙂

  4. I agree that BR fails in execution – especially for a brand that could have offered coupons, or store locator – or even have the video speak to the viewer about successfully scanning the QR code and give them a special code for discount – or even an in-store gift! But just an ad? Something I tend NOT to want to watch unless it is some ground breaking “Super Bowl” ad – which this is not.

    Damn, so many opportunities….BR FAIL.

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