Why Put A QR Code On A Banana?

QR Codes on bananas are not new but from now on every banana from Ecuador will have a QR Code sticker. The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador does not have a large marketing budget so it is using the 24 million tons of bananas that the country exports every year to promote tourism (video below). So how many bananas will be scanned with the ‘Visit Ecuador’ sticker and a QR Code? One in ten thousand? One in a hundred thousand? One in a million? Let’s say one in a hundred thousand and do the calculation; 24 million tons is 48 trillion pounds and there are an average of 3.5 bananas in a pound. That’s 168 trillion bananas and if one in a hundred thousand is scanned that’s over 1.5 million scans. Is that a good enough reason to put a QR Code on a banana?

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