AT&T Mobile Barcode Video

It would appear that AT&T are still pursuing their flawed strategy on mobile barcodes by investing in a new video-rich website showing the possibilities that these codes offer consumers and advertisers. The video certainly brings exposure to the mobile barcode space but the idea that AT&T’s proprietary Datamatrix Codes are a viable solution is ludicrous. These codes can only be generated by the AT&T Create-a-Code service and only the AT&T Code Scanner can read them. The codes in the two screenshots below, taken from the new video, scan with a conventional 2d barcode scanner as useless numbers; ‘5415400001005698’ and ‘5415400001005329’. This is assuming the scanner recognizes Datamatrix Codes, if it doesn’t the scanner will just report an error. It will be interesting to see which brands are lured into presenting such a poor user experience.

Screenshot 1/2  from the AT&T video
Screenshot 2/2 from the AT&T video

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