Has AT&T Seen The Light?

AT&T’s flawed mobile barcode strategy based on proprietary Datamatrix Codes was temporarily abandoned at this years public art phenomenon WaterFire in Providence, RI. On Saturday they sponsored a scavenger hunt ‘QR Quest’ where participants were encouraged to download the AT&T Code Scanner app to scan QR Codes throughout the event for prizes (image below). This prompts the question, why didn’t they use the proprietary codes they want other businesses to use? It’s nice to know that someone in the local AT&T office has the lights on, let’s hope that it can be seen as far as Corporate Headquarters.

AT&T QR Code scavenger hunt at WaterFire Providence, RI.

2 thoughts on “Has AT&T Seen The Light?”

  1. Datamatrix have their place in business where businesses need a secure trackable method of controlling the user experience.

    That said, I’d imagine that AT&T has full support for QR in both their scanner and the servers, but that businesses want more security than what QR gives, and thats why they promote it more.

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