ASCII QR Code Generator

Henry Poyntz emailed to let me know about his ASCII QR Code Generator. It generates a QR Code not as your usual image but as text made from ascii characters like these like these █ ▄ ▀ I have to say it’s ingenious but can anyone think of how it could be used?

3 thoughts on “ASCII QR Code Generator”

  1. I think that this is ingenious and could be used all the time in posts that don’t allow code, only text. Only thing is that the spaces are the same width as the black parts.. :/

  2. Well, it would be cool to have a decoder where u could paste this “text” and read the encoded message or be redirected to the hosted image if it were a website or somethig like that. Cool to post on tweeter for example.

  3. This ASCII QR Code Generator is a piece of artful genius. Love it.

    Pity that Twitter does not accept enough characters to just paste in a ASCII/Unicode converted QR Code…. would be fun.


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