Eco Flights, QR Codes and Carbon Offset

ANA, Japan’s second largest airline has introduced e-flights (eco flights) on some routes. On these flights in-flight amenities are more environmentally friendly. For example, plastic bottles and paper cups used on the flight are recycled, the chopsticks are made with wood from sustainable forests etc. In addition as part of their environmentally friendly campaign ANA have introduced a voluntary carbon offset program for every domestic flight. Passengers are presented at departure gates with posters and pamphlets containing a QR Code for the flight. The QR Code resolves to a mobile site where the CO2 emission for that aircraft and route automatically appear and can easily be offset with a simple payment procedure.

To see just what a good use of QR Codes this actually is, visit the carbon offset page on competing airline JAL’s website. Now imagine the form pre-populated with information from the QR Code and accessing it on your mobile in the departure lounge.

The JAL initiative has not been a success and according to Japan’s national newspaper (Translation, Yomiuri Shimbun, October 14, 2009) “The complicated process and need to enter a date and departure routes has meant that the number of users is a mere 128 in six months, offsetting only 50 tons of CO2“. However ANA’s QR Codes make it very easy for passengers to do their offsetting and they can do it at the time of travel.

ANA airlines QR Code for carbon offset

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  1. The importance of “carbon offsetting” is, shall we say, in the eye of the beholder… but still we’ve got plenty to learn from the Japanese on TRUE environmental committment

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