QR Codes Aid Tree Adoption

Washington D.C. is one of my favorite cities to visit, with its countless museums , attractive riverside walks and great restaurants. Also I am always impressed by the way the city looks after its trees. Now QR Codes are helping District of Columbia residents adopt a street tree and look after it during its early years. QR Code labels hanging on or near newly planted trees resolve to a form on the District Department of Transportation website where residents can sign up for the Canopy Keepers program. Adopters receive a free slow drip watering device for their tree and agree to water, mulch, weed and clear debris. There is even a map showing the location of the newly planted trees so you can see if there is one near you.

QR Code label on a city tree awaiting adoption

2 thoughts on “QR Codes Aid Tree Adoption”

  1. This is great! I’ve been trying to convince a local tree planting organization that they need to do something similar. Maybe this will help win them over!

  2. This is a great example how to interact with QR Codes: scan the code with your mobile and then “take the tree home”-and start a conversation about it. Love to see more!

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