Scan A QR Code And Adopt A Dog

Baxter cut-out in the IKEA storeCause marketing and QR Codes have been brought together brilliantly by IKEA Singapore who recently demonstrated their willingness to help shelter dogs find new homes.

IKEA and other leading home furnishing stores have combined to create a collective project called ‘Home for Hope’. By partnering with a group of local pet adoption organizations cardboard cut-outs of real animals available for adoption are showcased throughout the stores.

These life-like cut-outs are displayed in room sets exactly as they might be found in a real home and each has a unique QR code tagged to its collar which can be scanned for more information about that particular dog, for example Baxter (left).

After success in Singapore where 26 dogs found a new home the project is now being trialled in the US where the IKEA store in Tempe, Arizona has partnered with the Arizona Humane Society to home six dogs.

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