ABSOLUT Vodka Gets a QR Code

ABSOLUT Vodka is getting a QR Coded neck label (image below). The QR Code resolves to the iTunes store where users can download the free ‘Drinkspiration’ app. The app is an encyclopaedia of recipes that allows users to browse drink recipes or receive personalised recommendations based on a variety of preferences such as desired taste, colour, spirit, time of the day, weather, bar vibe, or what is popular. Once selected, users can share their drink choices on Facebook and Twitter.

QR Coded neck label for absolut vodka

3 thoughts on “ABSOLUT Vodka Gets a QR Code”

  1. Hmmm. Asks me to confirm I am over 17. What country is that the legal age?

    Nice digital one sheet, and like how they gave 2 options for the call to action.

    Once I got into this app, it is quite FUN actually. the UI is beautiful, and the social networking component is temporarily fun – which is all I was looking for. Great job absolute all around.

    designer qr- cough cough .

  2. i-phone only,eh?

    I guess that leaves the Kettle One for us lowly Android folks.

    It is great to see fun things in play.

    Next they should have the code resolve to a sobriety test!

    Keep it coming.


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