Are QR Codes a passing fad?

A recent poll we have been running here on 2d-code asked Are QR Codes a passing fad? Now we have reached a nice round number of 1,000 voters it is a good time to look at the results. For n=1,000 the results are No 67.9%, Not Sure 20.9% and Yes 11.2%. (Chart below). If you have any ideas for a future poll please let us know via the contact page.

Pie chart showing results of the poll

2 thoughts on “Are QR Codes a passing fad?”

  1. It’s worth pointing out that people who think QR codes are a passing fad are statistically unlikely to visit a site about QR codes. 🙂

    Personally I believe that in the commercial and industrial space 2D codes will remain essential for their accuracy and speed of reading, but for consumer-facing applications technologies like Google Googles are going to dominate within 10–if not five–years.

  2. @jordan is correct, QR is part of an evolution that will lead to expansion of “real world” to mobile, but, the technologies will shift over time.

    QR/2D in Europe and the States isn’t a “fad” though at these early stages, it may appear to waft and wane a bit.

    Does anyone remember these same conversations about “internet television” during the early YouTube days? Then, along came videos getting 1 million, then 5 million views. An Industry was born.

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