2D Barcode Reader Assistant

Warbasse Design have created a 2D Barcode Reader Assistant for users and integrated media advertisers. 2DGO is a free text-engine delivery system and mobile application that provides approved 2D Barcode Readers to the user based on the user’s handset or by code type (screenshots below). 2DGO’s initial application v1.0 supports 18 readers and 10 2D Barcode formats. The Reader Assistant platform can be accessed by texting ‘2dgo’ to dotorg “368674” for a link to 2DGO or by going to http://2dgo.org directly. 2DGO officially rolls out January 28th 2011 but is available now in beta.

Screenshots of 2D Barcode Reader Assistant

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  1. Roger,
    Thanks for posting this. There are a couple of things I would like to touch on regarding the philosophy and parameters behind 2DGO.

    There are hundreds of readers on the market. Not all of them work on every device and not all work well even on the device they are designed for. Therein lies the problem.

    The concept behind 2DGO is simple:
    1.) To provide integrated media advertisers a free, uniform solution that is supported and updated by mobile professionals,
    2.) To deliver a 2D Barcode reader to the end-user, so they can successfully scan an ad.

    2DGO gives integrated media advertisers a uniform approach to getting the right reader to the user’s phone. For the user, it represents “peace of mind” knowing that 2DGO will make it easy.

    Our core requirements for ver1.0 are to:
    1.) Provide direct links to free readers,
    2.) Authorize only readers that do not force user to register,
    3.) Authorize only readers that will scan Codes, Tags and Markers to standards established by Warbasse Design over the past 30 months.

    It should be noted that readers with enhanced features like SMS and VCARD capability are nice, however, our primary objective with ver1.0 is to get the user to the mobile web.

    With that said, there are some very nice free readers in the mix and we are confident 2DGO will help lots of people find a reader that works well for them.

    2DGO is a LIVE project and, as a result, we are always trying improve the platform. We encourage your feedback.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who worked on this project with me throughout the Holiday Season. It was a blast! Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice.

    Philip Warbasse
    Warbasse Design / 2DGO

  2. Wow, just hit the site on my iPhone & gotta say – pretty cool! For users just entering into the sometimes confusing 2D world, this is a great intro & tutorial. Kudos!

  3. Hi, too bad that you don’t accept readers for which one needs to register.
    QR-codes are already used for more than just linking a QR to a mobile website. People want to interact, vote, pay, buy, etc.
    Majority of these readers have strong privacy policies and are user driven (opt-in, etc.).
    Ignoring this segment of value add QR-readers makes your website incomplete in my opinion.

  4. A quick note. 2DGO is comprised of what my agency “warbasse design” rates as the best free 2d barcode readers currently available. There are some great readers out there that are disqualified from vers1.0 of 2DGO only because they are not free.

    Optiscan is a perfect example of a reader that 2DGO would make available for iphone users if it was free.

    In vers2.0, we may address this. In the meantime, developers like Optiscan are encouraged to advertise on the 2DGO platform. We can link straight to your app. It will give the users a wider range of choices without obscuring the original goal.


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